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Микробиоло гические факторы, контролирующие цикл углерода в термокарстовых водных объектах Западной СибириGermanium isotope fractionation during Ge adsorption on goethite and its coprecipitation with Fe oxy(hydr)oxidesFate of colloids during estuarine mixing in the ArcticStable (Cu, Mg) and radiogenic (Sr, Nd) isotope fractionation in colloids of boreal organic-rich watersExtreme iron isotope fractionation between colloids and particles of boreal and temperate organic-rich watersChemical and structural status of copper associated with oxygenic and anoxygenic phototrophs and heterotrophs: possible evolutionary consequencesAdsorption of copper on Pseudomonas aureofaciens: Protective role of surface exopolysaccharidesDiurnal variations of trace metals and heterotrophic bacterioplankton concentration in a small boreal lake of the White Sea basinExperimental study of terrestrial plant litter interaction with aqueous solutionsFluxes of high- versus low-temperature water–rock interactions in aerial volcanic areas: Example from the Kamchatka Peninsula, RussiaA Structural Study of Cadmium Interaction with Aquatic MicroorganismsCopper isotope fractionation during its interaction with soil and aquatic microorganisms and metal oxy(hydr)oxides: Possible structural controlIron colloids/organic matter associated transport of major and trace elements in small boreal rivers and their estuaries (NW Russia)Chemical weathering of silicate rocks in Karelia region and Kola peninsula, NW Russia: Assessing the effect of rock composition, wetlands and vegetationChemical weathering of silicate rocks in Aldan Shield and Baikal Uplift: insights from long-term seasonal measurements of solute fluxes in riversSize Fractionation of Trace Elements in a Seasonally Stratified Boreal Lake: Control of Organic Matter and Iron ColloidsMagnesium isotope fractionation during hydrous magnesium carbonate precipitation with and without cyanobacteriaCo-variation of Mg and C isotopes in late Precambrian carbonates of the Siberian Platform: A new tool for tracing the change in weathering regime?Metal adsorption on mosses: Toward a universal adsorption modelSize fractionation and optical properties of dissolved organic matter in the continuum soil solution-bog-river and terminal lake of a boreal watershedGeochemistry of Terricolous Lichens in the White Sea Catchment AreaBiogeochemistry of stable Ca and radiogenic Sr isotopes in a larch-covered permafrost-dominated watershed of Central SiberiaSeasonal variability of element fluxes in two Central Siberian rivers draining high latitude permafrost dominated areasBasalt weathering in Central Siberia under permafrost conditionsPermafrost and fire as regulators of stream chemistry in basins of the Central Siberian PlateauTrace element fractionation and transport in boreal rivers and soil porewaters of permafrost-dominated basaltic terrain in Central SiberiaDecrease of concentration and colloidal fraction of organic carbon and trace elements in response to the anomalously hot summer 2010 in a humic boreal lakeFe–Al–organic Colloids Control of Trace Elements in Peat Soil Solutions: Results of Ultrafiltration and DialysisSources and the flux pattern of dissolved carbon in rivers of the Yenisey basin draining the Central Siberian PlateauSeasonal and spatial variability of elemental concentrations in boreal forest larch foliage of Central Siberia on continuous permafrostTrace elements in organic- and iron-rich surficial fluids of the boreal zone: Assessing colloidal forms via dialysis and ultrafiltrationNew operational method of testing colloid complexation with metals in natural watersImpact of western Siberia heat wave 2012 on greenhouse gases and trace metal concentration in thaw lakes of discontinuous permafrost zoneBiogeochemistry of Thermokarst Lakes of Western SiberiaPermafrost: Distribution, Composition and Impacts on Infrastructure and EcosystemsTrace elements transport in western Siberia rivers across a permafrost gradientСтруктурно-групповой состав растворенного органического вещества в водах термокарстовых озер Большеземельской тундрыЭлементный состав макрофитов термокарстовых озер Западной СибириРастительность и растительное вещество лесостепных рямов юга Западной СибириУглерод и азот в болотах северной части Сым-Дубческого междуречья

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